Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hi guys, I think you some of you might know me I am Blizzard Knight. I made this blog so that the problems with my hack on Unova RPG is solved. There will be lot more hacks here THAT WORKS. So the first thing I am gonna show you is my biggest youtube hit and a hack everyone said it doesn't work but IT DOES ! You guys just don't know how to use it { No Offense }. So here it is and I hope this is clearer than my video.

PS : I wouldn't get too many master balls if I were you cause it just ruins the game. But you can sell this master ball for money.


  • You need Google Chrome
  • A brain
  • And Common Sense

First as always log on to Unova RPG and click on View all my Pokémon / Setup my Battle Team

Then choose any of your Pokémon preferably the first one then attach the Pokéball.

Then Right click Remove and click Inspect Element.

If you did that a dialog box will open at the bottom of Google Chrome which looks like this.

Then on that double click " 23 " . Because I am using my laptop 23 is below the inspected element . If you are using your computer then you will have to scroll to the right to see 23.

And change 23 to 26 

After you did that click Remove

Now you will have a Master ball in your inventory I have 4 because I had 3 before.

Hope it works. Blizzard Knight :P. I will be posting more hacks so check here often.